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We Will Miss You - SACO Basketball

dan hooper
Technology will be the difference in the RCBOA.  It will be utilized with more traditional hands on approaches to training which will provide innovational approaches in the development of officials.  Technology will also create transparency to officials within the internal workings of the unit and to the schools interaction with the unit in terms of education and information.This website will provide areas not only for the officials of the unit, but for the athletic directors, coaches, and student athletes as well.
The RCBOA is dedicated to develop officials to the maximum potential of their capabilities and assigning officials based on their ability rather than on their tenure alone.  The RCBOA sees this effort and success as one which has to partner with coaches/athletic directors who have been affected by the continued growth of the Inland Empire community at large, which adds schools yearly.
Technology and training will allow the RCBOA to accomplish their mission of better training and education of officials, which allows for much more efficiency in the areas of communication and education. Technology will also allow for video, review and discussion boards, and articles that will enhance the official’s working knowledge of the game. Rule changes and yearly points of emphasis will be available for all to see. This website is the kick-off of that communication and education.  RCBOA will provide training for all officials from first year to thirty years of experience. From season to season, coaches will see the difference that technology and hands on training.
The RCBOA will outline in its bylaws, that officials will have to attend camps to improve their skill set as the requirement will be a part of their rating and qualification as a member of the RCBOA.  This requirement will help keep the RCBOA to those who desire to get better and allows the unit to assign games with qualified officials; one’s who have taken the game seriously by taking the necessary steps to better themselves and the athletes they officiate.
Attending camps help officials learn aspects of the game that are not covered in the rule book as they get to hear form more experience officials who share their perspective on the game.  This requirement keeps the veteran official from resting on their laurels, gets the young official better by allowing for the chance to increase their knowledge and confidence of their game, and discourages those who enter officiating just to collect a paycheck.
The use of technology and increased membership requirements mentioned above are just two examples that will different the RCBOA from other high school officiating units and if all goes well will be the pinnacle of what other high school officiating unit aspire to be in a couple of years. Officials that invest in camps during the off season find their game easier to manage and plays become much more familiar which helps assist in making the right call.  Thus it is our vision to develop a core of strong officials who will be both leaders and educators of the game’s future.
In getting started there will be a guaranteed amount of resistance from certain individuals from within the IBOA.  This will occur on both sides of the ball so to speak as officials, coaches and athletic directors will be pressured not to venture out.
This is normal and to be expected but it is time, due to the increased growth of the Inland Empire to start and develop another officiating unit, one who will take a vested interest in developing officials making the unit a family and thus providing the schools in which we serve quality officials.  The RCBOA is here to serve the athletes, coaches, and athletic directors through an advanced technological approach to basketball officiating which will enhance training and transparency in the education and administration of the officials within the unit setting the future standard of the high school officiating in Southern California.
Are you ready to join us in becoming part of the future in sports officiating?
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